What is an Interactive Media Design from Ji Hyun Moon on Vimeo.

Desing Expo/ Get Connected, Stay Connected
This is a Social Media Design project that makes people's life easy and better.

This project, 'SharingMap', uses three different media devices, web, mobile, and pocketmod. Each media has unique usages, such as for mobile we can see lists of our routes and points of interests. Also, people can add their stories, and rates on the lists that connect to the web server to upload a personal page. Furthermore, pocket-mod, paper map, can be printed out that has a customizable unique tool. Select, draw, and share with little paper pocket mob with people. It has embedded QR code that allows people to share and show their interesting points. Through the web site people can actually customize their map of routes and interests. Additionally, they can also devote their work of making maps for others. People can rate other's maps together and find a good, enjoyable routes simultaneously.
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