First year work
A collection of various pieces of work from my first year of degree work in UCLan Preston.
IPad Editorial: Alan Fletcher

These are some of my favourite pages from my first second year. The brief was to design an article and front for 'DesignWeek' based on a chosen designer; in this case Alan Fletcher, one of the most influential designers of out time.
This editorial is not a published article.
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Due to its obscure nature and the many works by Hegel that followed its publication, even the structure or core theme of the book itself remains contested. First, Hegel wrote the book under close time constraints with little chance for revision (individual chapters were sent to the publisher before others were written).

Furthermore, according to some readers, Hegel may have changed his conception of the project over the course of the writing. Secondly, the book abounds with both highly technical argument in philosophical language, and concrete examples, either imaginary or historical, of developments by people through different states of consciousness.

The relationship between these is disputed: whether Hegel meant to prove claims about the development of world history, or simply used it for illustration; whether or not the more conventionally philosophical passages are meant to address specific historical and philosophical positions; and so forth.