Includes work from:
"To Have & To Hold" Thesis film
"Krampus Carol" for Anthony Bourdain. Puppet fabricator and animator (did not make or animate children)
"Homecoming" for Microsoft. Fabricator and animator
"Ugly Bug Ball" Student film
"Primary Colors" Ok Go+Sesame Street. Lead Animator
"XCIA" Promo video. Lead Animator
"Buster and Louise" Student Film
"Lady Lilith," Bronfman Fellowship film

A slideshow of puppets and other things

"Primary Colors" is a song Ok Go wrote for Sesame Street to teach kids the wonders of red, yellow and blue.
I was the lead animator for this pixilated music video.

I created and animated the Krampus puppet for the Christmas episode of Anthony Bourdain's show "No Reservations. The other puppets and sets were created by Zero Point Zero Production Inc.

American Pickers
Together with Cammi Upton, I built the set for the bobble head commercial for the show American Pickers. We created a miniature version of the actual shop from the show.

Swamp People
I created a second miniature set for another bobble head commercial for the show "Swamp People."

There we will be buried
A six foot tall elephant puppet I built for the play "There we will be buried" by Yair Oelbaum and Kai Althoff. It sprays liquid (fake blood) from it's trunk. In addition to building the elephant, I acted in the play. The play was performed at Focal Point Gallery and at the ICA in London as well as in New York for the Whitney Biennial. More info here:

Joey Ramone 'New York City'
I was the lead character animator on this pixilated music video which includes cast members of 30 Rock. I also make an appearance at the 38 second mark.

'Rocks in my Pockets' by Signe Baumane
I animated a few stop motion shots for this beautiful feature film.

A rough, early edit of a short which I was the lead animator on. I did all of the puppet animation and some of the graffiti. I also consulted on the fabrication of the puppets.

Slap Back Jack
I worked as an animator on this short film about a flustered traffic cop.

Sunglasses 'Swim'
I built the giant squid puppet for this music video.

Jillian Dillon
A short film about a Hippoplatypus.
I was the lead on models and sets as well as a puppeteer. Purchased by The MOMA and screened at over 100 film festivals internationally.

I worked on LAIKA's The Boxrtrolls as a Face Librarian / Replacement Animation Tester.

The many faces of Snatcher. Literally. #TheBoxtrolls #TurnAwayKids

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The good people of Cheesebridge prior to putting on their faces in the morning. #TheBoxtrolls

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I prepared over one hundred faces for this shot which was animated by Philippe Tardif.

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I am currently working on LAIKA's next feature, Kubo and the Two Strings.