Comatose in Altona - Part One

An ongoing film and music collaboration between myself and Yugen. Will update throughout the year. Shot, cut & directed by me.

Yugen x Quiet Heights

2nd Camera Operator
Naz Romeo

Audio Post Production
Ben lustig

'Dust Pillar' by Massergy. Courtesy of Arecibo Records.

Producer...Richard Helder
Director...Jesse Vogelaar
Cinematographer...Qiu Yang
1st AD...Natalie Erika James
1st AC/MOVI operator...Michael Lincoln
Production Designer...Sophie Hayward
Make-up/Hair...Nikki Harrison
Animation Designer & Illustrator...Troy Duguid
Concept, Compositing & Animation...Jesse Vogelaar

filmed & edited by Jesse Vogelaar
original score & sound design by Ben Lustig (
voice by Jaide-Scarlet Begg

Earlier this year, I embarked on a solo mission to capture & promote this restaurant and boutique hotel in Bali, Indonesia. The clients were very accommodating and great to work with. The whole trip was a great experience. Equipped with all the gear I could carry(including my new GH4), I flew in and shot everything within three days.

In post, I collaborated with Ben Lustig, to try and create a lush sensory experience. If you need a composer and/or sound designer, you should seriously check out his soundcloud .

From Prefix Mag (official premiere):

"From Gold Coast, Australia - San Mei has been crafting her signature pop sound a little over a year. And the results have been spectacular. Her debut single "Brighter" was a flourishing pop song made of synths and her angelic vocals. The whole mood and vibe gave it an almost fantasy-like ethereal feel with its care free sounds.

Now the songstress has added a visual element to the song. Directed by Quiet Heights, the video finds San Mei flying through the beautiful picturesque scenery around the Gold Coast. Just like the song's whimsical vibe, the music video portrays all of that freedom harnessed in the song's innocence."


Direction/Editing by Jesse Vogelaar

Cinematography by Callum Richardson

Breeder once again teamed up with La Boite Theatre Company to create this explosive and sexy trailer for their upcoming play, Tender Napalm. A play about a first great love, the couple face an unnamed tragedy. They wind back their love to the beginning and “dangerously and absolutely, they dream and dance themselves into the secret places of love and desire, back to the ecstasy of their first kiss.”



Producer: Megan Griffiths

Cinematography: Alex Gee, Timothy Lovett, Jesse Vogelaar

Editing: Alex Gee, Joyce Ho, Timothy Lovett, Jesse Vogelaar

Colour: Alex Gee

Original Musical Score: Daniel Keogh from The Observatory

Dancers: Ellen Bailey and Kurt Phelan

Tourist is an Australian/Japanese cross-cultural drama about circumstance. Starring Miyuki Lotz, Masa Yamaguchi (The Condemned, The Jammed) & Brett Molloy.

Written & Directed by Jesse Vogelaar

Produced by Richard Helder

A music video for The Oyster Murders


Producer: Daniel Gileppa
Director: Jesse Vogelaar
DOP: Kurt Riddell
Assistant Camera: Sophie Borra
Lighting Technician: Daniel Rice
Production Camera Assistant: Richard Helder
Editor: Daniel Rice
Production Design: Grant Redgen and Wendy James
Art Director: Moogie
Make-up Artist: Jamel and Samantha Pearce
Assistant Director: Jade Landell-Jones

A music video for The Oyster Murders


Directed, shot & edited by Jesse Vogelaar. Additional footage by Chris Macpherson. Additional camera & lighting by Mitchell Oehlman.