Artists Jesse Perlstein and Stephen Somple have created a series of interactive sonic sculptures that explore the symbiosis between form and amplification through the recontextualization of "incidence". Through manipulated metal, captured field recording, and motion triggers, Somple's sculptures become conduits of energy and memory, broadcasting Perlstein's nostalgic environmental compositions, bathing the audience in a harmonic ambisonic nostalgia.

The show begins opens on December 16th at HiLo Catskill (365 Main Street, Catskill, NY) at 6PM. There will be an art viewing from 6 to 8, where the pieces will be in their intended interactive sonic states. At 8:30 performances by Jeremy Young & Deanna Radford, SVB, Daniel Sparks & Liam Singer, will begin, accompanied by live manipulated sound played through the sculptures by presenting artist Jesse Perlstein. The show is free and lasts until midnight.

The art will be up and viewable til January 22nd, 2018.