Client: The Biography Channel, A+E Networks

Challenge: To create a more engaging presence for the Biography Channel's website, BIO.com.

Solution: I devised and implemented the content strategy for the BIO.com 2011 re-launch. This included the creation of a new blog, BIO Now, and the management of a content matrix and taxonomy for the 13,000 biographies on the BIO.com site. My work contributed to the best month and day on record for BIO.com.

Client: The New York Times

Challenge: To optimize the recording environment for the interview subject, and organize a tape sync.

Solution: Using my knowledge of interviewing and recording techniques, I identified sound issues within the subject's recording environment and arranged a more suitable situation for a proper recording. My work with Cole Jackson was the end result.

Client: The New York Times

Challenge: To collect the opinions of Cincinnati voters during the Ohio primaries using audio recordings and photography.

Solution: This project required audio production and field recording skills, the ability to perform on a tight deadline, and a willingness to trudge through freezing rain and snowfall.

♫ 002Sustainability.mp3

Client: WFYI, Purdue University and RL Paul Productions

Challenge: Capture interviews of the East River rowing group at Brooklyn Bridge Park, and of engineers surveying a waste water treatment plant in Queens—while also preserving the integrity of the audio.

Solution: This project required collaborating with a remote producer via phone while standing waist-deep in water. Fearlessness, attention to detail and the ability to think on my feet helped to produce the end result.

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Client: PRX.org, The Nature Conservancy and American Public Media

Challenge: To produce a narrated piece for the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in Portland, Maine.

Solution: I spent nearly three months documenting Diana George Chapin and her family at the Heirloom Garden of Maine in Montville. At the time, the family was fighting to keep their town free of GMOs. Diana recently wrote me to let me know they won the fight in their town, and are now working on other towns in the area.