Tube lasercut Trestle. Development and Prototype

Dado Shelf. Graphic

Cladding development for Assemble

Design development for Assemble

Knurled Grinders. Development

Temporary Shop Display for The Garage Sale at Uniqlo concept space. London. 2017

Record sleeve design for Dead Light released on Village Green Recordings. 2017

Design development, testing and construction for HowAboutStudio's Miners Hut. As apart of Epic Retreats and Channel 4's Cabins in the Wild. Snowdonia, 2017

Book I made documenting a trans-siberian and silk road journey through Russia, Mongolia, China and Kazahkstan. Screen printed cover on GFSmith colorplan. 2017

Carpentry for new Assemble studios. A large grid was constructed in an old school to transform a swimming pool and dance hall into workshop and studio spaces. 2016 - 2017

Christmas window display I created for Wieden + Kennedy, with Andrew Friend and Sitraka Rakotoniaina. 2016

Hardware Hooks in Red oxide. 2016. Photographed by Ignasi Casas

Work in Progress, Tube Lasecut Trestle, Rhino Model.

Design Adviser for studio raw working on new building interior in Ladywell, split into studios, co-work, retail and public spaces. We worked closely with Aldworth James & Bond on the design and build of furnishings. Place/Ladywell. 2016

Multifunctional moving structures for Dek in deptford library. Design Adviser for studio raw. Built by Aldworth James & Bond. 2016

Another project with How about studio helping make this exterior pavillion for the Southbank Centre. London 2016

Worked for How About Studio on Echoing Arches installation at Southbank Centre, Festival of Love. London, 2016

Observations of Chinese street furniture. 2016

Catford floor 5, coworking spaces. 2016

Design Adviser for studio raw working on new coworking spaces called Dek being launched across the borough of lewisham. We worked closely with Aldworth James & Bond on the design and build of furnishings. Catford floor 4, studio spaces. 2016

Silk + Rug factory, Turpan, Xinjiang Provence, China. 2016

Boat layouts

Worked with Andrew Friend on this installation for Selfridges ultralounge gallery as part of project ocean 2015

Construction toy making workshop from december 2015

Window installation for Wieden + Kennedy london with Joshua Howell. Interactive machine that prints out wether you have been naughty or nice. Christmas 2015

Furniture making workshop at The Field new cross. Shuttering ply and scaffold boards from a local reclamation yard used to make stools and benches

Mini Book. Place Making workshop

Place CAD plans

Factory visit at Intec laser, Worcestershire

Table and brackets

Installation for Vidur at Victoria House


Still life set for Elle magazine with Thomas Bird

Donald Judd inspired set I designed for Eclectic magazine with Thomas Bird

Hand thrown brick Candle holder prototypes, made with yorkshire clay at York Handmade

Plywood Sofa bed

Installation for Vidur at NewGen Mens fashion week

House of Voltaire Build at Simon Jones Studio.

Set Design and Build with Thomas BIrd for British GQ
Mondrian inspired chair and structures

Stained Spruce

Walnut eggcup

spoon carving

Shrunken greenwood pencils


Foundry visit

Set Build for Kit Neale

Installation I helped MIchael Marriott with at Clerkenwell design week 2013

Set, Props and art direction. Short film

New advert for Toothpick, created with Tearlach Byford and Alex Layton. October 2013.
Watch Here!

Making Bermondsey stools for Simon Hasan at Thompson and sons factory space. December 2013

Assisted Eelko Moorer with his 'Acid Safari' installation for Bloomberg's waste not exhibition. September 2013

Pop-up stands and Peckham print studio in action at V & A late

Screen printing stations built for Peckham print studio pop-up at the Sunspel store

Helped build prototypes for Faudet - Harrisons new trestles and coat hooks launched at SCP for LDF

Building stools for Simon jones for his stand at design junction as apart of the London design festival

Exhibition build and install at London college of fashion. Designed by Simon Jones, for the Coco Channel exhibit

Fabrication work, designed by Micheal Marriot. Stained siberian larch furniture for the 'Towards the east" exhibit at Calvert 22 gallery

Short video of the Kit Neale Showroom build by Tee Byford

Peckham Print Studio pop up shop @ Boxpark, made with Jail Make during Current internship. Portable print stations and magnet display system

Design and brand consultancy.
Design ideas for the blog ROAR, that are looking to start there own product range. Universal furniture for pets and the home.

Kit Neale Showroom Invite by Caspar Hodgson

Helped make House of Voltaire pop up shop interior for Simon Jones Architects with Jack Neville

Places write up on Lin Morris

Bricks on Mr Start blog

Variant Exhibition @ The Gallery on Redchurch street. London design week 2012
The plinths were made from cardboard shipping containers for a quick build that could also be used to store the products when finished. Stands were built from standard MDF sheets, timber and breeze blocks to keep a temporary, raw aesthetic. Open source furniture was made from left over timber for visitors to rest.

Write up about Paper Light and Rubber Bands

Nice write up for Variant

Variant Poster for LDF September 2012 by Simon Cheadle

Photo for New Designers poster 2012

Helped Henny Van Nistelrooy make his shelving system Revolver and set up the Ground Floor Arrangement Band space for LDF 2011 whilst interning