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I’m a French filmmaker / cg-artist freelance living up-state New York, in Albany.

I graduated from SUPINFOCOM (now Rubika) in 2010 with my thesis film 8BITS, and previously was staff 3D Animator at LOYALKASPAR NY over 3 years.

Even though I’m specialised in 3D using Maya (Layout, Animation, VFX, Shading, Mel scripting, MentalRay, VRay, Arnold …) and Compositing (AfterEffects & Nuke), I also have an extensive designing and art directing experience.

On the side, and for my personal satisfaction, I screenwrite, shoot (with dslr / dslm), edit, and color correct.

I'm also currently producing a full-cg animation short almost entirely by myself. It should be finished by summer 2016.

My interests are in pretty much all forms of Art, with an inclination towards Sci-fi literature, Cinema, Graphic novels, Traditional and Digital art. My biggest passion is to make moving images, which is what I spend most of my spare-time working on new things, experimenting or on my own productions.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more details, any questions you might have, or for a quote.

(518) 512-9680