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My name is Jean Delaunay and I’m a French Film maker / CG-artist freelance living up-state New York, in Albany.
I graduated from SUPINFOCOM (Valenciennes, FR) in 2010 and previously was staff 3D Animator at LOYALKASPAR NY for 3 years.
My skill set and experience cover a pretty wide range when it comes to producing impactful concepts and imagery.

Originally trained as ‘Digital Director’, I’m mostly specialised in 3D using Maya (Layout, Animation, VFX, Shading, Mel scripting, MentalRay, VRay …) and Compositing (AfterEffects & Nuke) but I've also started training myself with Zbrush, Houdini and Arnold Renderer.
Additionally, I screen-write, shoot (with DSLR/DSLM), edit, and color correct.

Currently, I am working mostly remotely as I’m living in Albany, NY... but I also work on-site.

My interests are in pretty much all forms of Art, with an inclination towards Sci-fi literature, Cinema, Graphic novels, Traditional and Digital art. My biggest passion is to make movies, which is what I spend most of my spare-time writing scenarios and working on my own productions.

I'm ultimately looking to work on more and more personal projects that could be produced and financed other than by myself.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more details, any questions or for a quote.

+1 347.599.8355