jean-claude lejeune: I remember
I remember taking one of my first photographs on Atget's hunting grounds, where and when I held a summer job while in high school ~ I remember being born in most inauspicious times ~ I remember loving the smell of fresh incense burning in the village church ~ I remember loving soccer but displayed little talent for it ~ I remember my first involvement with the Marketplace shouting: " Look at the splendid peaches Ladies, lettuces, cucumbers, radishes, Ladies check our low prices": I was 11 years old ~ I remember never having been there ~ I remember the flying dream I had last night ~ I remember sitting in a nearly empty cathedral listening to a talented high school choir from Germany. Brought peace, beauty and meditation. Touched by grace ~ I remember always enjoying images: They can have a direct and powerful way to reach the heart ~ I remember taking a one week workshop on how to run a movie projector there ~ I remember feeling especially connected to WWI because my father and his family lived where took place one of the fiercest and most disastrous battles of the conflict ~ I do not remember knowing you? Or you? ~ I remember having a sweet tooth, actually several ~ I remember always loving movies, but unfortunately never met Henri Langlois ~ I remember, as an adolescent, walking the same paths as the Impressionists, dancing the same dances , swimming in the same water holes, seeing what Renoir loved, visiting the same churches ~ I remember going to the seaside for the first time when I was 5 years old ~ I remember never seeing Maigret on the Quai des Orfèvres ~ I remember Marie-Claire. Where are you? Here?