this live brief was to create, an advertisement for a new collection at Topman based on science. I chose to work with the science of sound. My idea was to put on a audio printing workshop that turns peoples songs into images using a spectrograph. Then people can use whichever inks they want to print their own t-shirts.

This brief was to create a series of travel guides. I chose to create a series on gangs in american cities. I found in my research that the tattoos and gang signs that they used were a big part of differentiating themselves from each other and I felt this would be a good way to represent each city. I felt that Vice magazine would be a suitable publisher for these kind of books.

Creating a brand for a company that specialises in silver shampoo. I wanted to give the shampoo I high end feel, giving it the style of an expensive fragrance. As the company specialises in solely in one type of shampoo, giving it a feeling of luxury.

This brief was to create a poster for an exhibition at a gallery called 'The Space'. The exhibition being based on the word zones. I based 'The Space' Logo on a workspace with a desk lamp.