Nice was a club night event that we hosted at ‘The Deaf Institute’ in manchester on 4th April. We created a whole brand around the music. Our main focus was on having friendly vibes where people can come together and dance, away from a lot of the club scene that we have found to be quite pretencious. We chose to use playful almost childlike materials such as crayon and paint. We used rubbings from buildings around manchester to have the city part of the work. The design needed to stand out in the street so we created the pattern that reapeats the logo to be recognizable from a distance.

We wanted to create a piece of promotional material to cary on the ‘Nice’ project. We decided that we wanted to create an infographic of the previous night so as to show prospective customers and also have a form of memrobilia for ourselves.

In a collaborative project with Luke King we created a map of manchester through smell. Creating an infographic with a system of colour related to smell we chose a route through manchester and noted down all the different types of smells. We found that each smell was made up of certain base smells. We then created a book to acompany the poster that combined to create a reference. We used the same colours but combined them in different ways to show that even though a smell is made up of the same components they are always different

This live brief was to create, an advertisement for a new collection at Topman based on science. I chose to work with the science of sound. My idea was to put on a audio printing workshop that turns peoples songs into images using a spectrograph. Then people can use whichever inks they want to print their own t-shirts.

This brief was to create a series of travel guides. I chose to create a series on gangs in american cities. I found in my research that the tattoos and gang signs that they used were a big part of differentiating themselves from each other and I felt this would be a good way to represent each city. I felt that Vice magazine would be a suitable publisher for these kind of books.

Creating a brand for a company that specialises in silver shampoo. I wanted to give the shampoo I high end feel, giving it the style of an expensive fragrance. As the company specialises in solely in one type of shampoo, giving it a feeling of luxury.