Jatin Das Gupta


As a seasoned entertainment industry producer and creative director, I've helped celebrities and Fortune 500 companies develop industry-leading video and marketing content. But my true passion is securing larger audiences and bigger bookings for thought leaders and gurus. As CEO of Pro Speaker Content, I apply my media savvy, innovation and strong business sense as I craft and lead high-impact personal branding campaigns for professional speakers. Whether I'm conceptualizing, filming and editing video content or consulting on optimal messaging and digital marketing strategies, my holistic media background ensures my clients receive Hollywood-quality cinematic products that captivate a growing digital audience. What sets me apart is my ability to create marketing/branding content that is both aesthetically pleasing and revenue generating. I'm an adept project manager and creative director who collaborates successfully with my marketing teams at PSC as well as a diverse, growing international clientele. A thought leader in my own right, I enjoy empowering our youth through motivational speaking and extensive volunteer work.

*websites *social media *custom content *digital production
*broadcast production *client relations *digital vfx/post production
*product prototyping/design/fabrication *radio/television/film
*promotions *publicity *brand development and licensed extensions

Additional Areas of Expertise & Interest:
Entrepreneurship, Global Travel Logistics & Cultural Liaison, Insurance & Financing, Global eCommerce/mCommerce, Documentary & New Media Journalism, Grass Roots Community & NPO/NGO Program Development & Consulting, Student Mentorship Program Development, Creative/Agency Media Production & Direction, Brand Consulting & Campaign Management, Web Technologies, Transhumanist & Futurist Philosophy & Design...