Title: "I'm Positive"
Client: MTV / Kaiser Foundation
Production Company: MTV
Awards: Emmy Nomination, PromaxBDA GOLD, Creativity International Award SILVER, & CTAM Mark Award GOLD

Title: "I Can"
Client: Boy Scouts - Theodore Roosevelt Council
Production Company: EUE / Screen Gems

Title: "Unfound Families"
Client: Helping Hand Adoption Agency
Production Company: Downtown Loft Studio

Title: World Rhino Day
Client: We did this just for kicks...
Production Company: ...No seriously. We made the in Prospect Park with only a couple of guys and like $300.

Title: "Shining City"
Client: Log Cabin Republicans
Production Company: Downtown Loft Studio

Title: "MTV Anywhere"
Client: MTV
Production Company: MTV

Title: Center For Employment Opportunity
Client: CEO
Production Company: MTV

Title: Every Avenue "Mindset"
Client: Fearless Records
Production Company: Ringling College
Premiered at #1 on Mtv.com