This is a selection of the creative work for Audi. I was the ACD in charge of the Audi.com and innovation area of the pitch. The client responded very favorably to this work and stated that it was the tipping point in their decision to accept AKQA as their new digital agency.

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Audi Access was a concept for an application that allowed someone to monitor everything about their Audi in real-time. It linked you to other owners, your local dealer and told you when a repair was necessary.

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For the launch of City Target, we developed a concept that leveraged key influencers from around the country, to tell their local story. Each influencer had their own customized lampost, where they could provide insight into their favorite hangouts in their particular city.

We also discussed the possibility of reproducing real life versions of some in key cities.

I was the ACD on this project and we had three teams working on three different concepts.

Recreated the entire online brand presence for Visa. I was the ACD/Senior Art Director on this campaign which was completely user generated. The "go" collage was rendered in 3D space and the content was pulled from various sources such as flickr and statistical data sites.

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The banners allowed users to search for suggestions for new live acts, places to eat in the area and suggestions of things to do based on the weather that day. AdWeek referred to the campaign as a "banner renaissance".


A very successful campaign. The first telephone controlled website. The idea was that, using your voice, you could aim and shoot a football. Depending on the volume and pitch of your voice, you could control the power and elevation of the ball. The idea was to demonstrate the power of Cisco's integrated IP telephony, that many offices worldwide use.

I was in charge of the banner campaign, which utilized high-end formats such as layer ads, tandem ads and super banners. Here are the results. The campaign overall won a Cannes Lion Gold in 2006.

Visa asked us to concept ideas for Facebook for their back to school campaign. This concept allowed users to collect a series of offers from Visa into a "Wish Book" that could then be shared. I was the ACD/Art Director for
this project.

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Banana republic tasked AKQA with coming up with a concept for their new spring line. The idea was to leverage celbrities and a group of chosen insiders to share secrets about special places in your area. I was the ACD/Art Director on this project.

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Rightcliq was a way to organise the entire web of online shopping into one place. It was developed after numerous insightful conversations with our team and was destined to redefine online shopping as we know it. We worked with them developing a campaign that leveraged influential online personalities. The site would store all your data and had a social component to share inspirations with friends.

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At AKQA we pride ourselves on getting the best new talent out there. They're hungry, fresh and ready to rock right out of the gate. But sometimes, their enthusiasm gets in the way of being professional about their work. In a mufti-disciplinary environment, there needs to be some semblance of structure. I was noticing a distinct lack of understanding with the new hires and practices were all over the place. I grabbed two other creative directors (Jason Ring and Akira Takahashi) and set out to create a series of boot-camps for beginners. We wanted to arm them with the knowledge of how to create and hand off files and who to go to when push came to shove. We held several classes and we saw a massive improvement in how the team developed and produced work. It's an ongoing part of the culture at AKQA.


This project was a pitch. And we won it! The layouts here are of the microsite for the members club. The key ingredient that makes Biotherm special is found in spring water so the microsite experience was designed to emphasize that notion.

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Fashion house Firmabonn® asked me to produce an online concept for their flagship store in Stuttgart. I
worked with another Art Director to create some original art pieces that would form the basis of a new design
for their website.

The idea focused on using the traditional means of viewing fashion combined with the virtual world of the web. Items could be brought to life, literally springing out of the page, rotated, and viewed in a way you would view it in
the store.

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