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The veer website, logo and icon designs were aimed at local and non-local residents of Stones Corner in a bid to encourage business and community activity.

By utilising social networking sites, the website would be an inexpensive way to promote the cultural experiences of Stones Corner.

Every detail of this project was designed by me, excluding the photography which was sourced for demonstration purposes.

The image above is a 100 percent view of how the hover and active states work

e-Newsletter Design

This personal project was originally designed for the Penjet, (hence it has no counters or character overhangs and can be built from vertical lines). However it can be used as a display type.

This type was also developed into a series of A4 promotional posters inspired by Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics.

N.B. This project is in no way affiliated with the 'original PenJet' collaborative.

The first project was a student project whereby a flash movie was developed around a story.