A smidgen about me...

Kia Ora
And welcome to this little portfolio of mine. Hi, I'm Jaime (Morella Musgrave) Macfarlane.

This portfolio has coalesced as a response to the need to connect to the global design community, in an attempt to give people a sense of what I'm about, and where my passions lie. As a recently graduated landscape architect - Masters with Merit with my thesis receiving an A grade - from Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, I am still very much experimenting with design and landscape in ways which challenge my assumptions of design I have learnt in the past 5 years of study.

Professionally, within the realms of landscape architecture, my strengths and passions lie within the field of educating through design, ecological awareness, and challenging the role and perceptions of infrastructure and culture within natural environments.

When designing I am constantly aware of the delicate cusp between practicalities and evocative design which sparks a response and a connection within people. This has allowed me to maintain a strong connection to the more artistic and sculptural aspects which landscape architecture can delight in. I simply love the scope landscape architecture has to offer, and constantly can be found scoping out how sites and building are constructed. When it comes to the construction and ingenuity of structures I love addressing the construction problems and hindrances of site/space and turning these into design inspirations, this is a love which has been further amplified by my experience teaching landscape construction over several years.
The opportunity to transform large ambitious concepts into genuine and practical technical details (without losing their original intent) is a process I thrive off. Moving back and forth through scales of design is both challenging and inspiring for me.

My masters thesis (The Ecological Touchstones of Our Identity) can be found here and my tumblr page here (which provides a look into my designed loves and aesthetic).
Please feel free to contact me at jaime.macfarlane@gmail.com for any thoughts, comments or questions.

Ka kite and arohanui