This is the TVC of the Sanex international launch campaign in new countries like Poland, Croatia and Norway.

Creative Direction: Carlos de Javier
Copywriting: Aleix Bou
Art Direction: Jacint Cabau
Production Company: Mamma Team
Direction: Justin Dickel
Photography: Pep Àvila

SANEX from Jazz Cabau on Vimeo.

Copywriting: Dani Balbás
Photography: Pere Ferrer
Retouching: Reto.cat
Illustration: Conspiracy Studio
Lettering Number 6: Iván Castro

Barcelona city map
Graphic design: Jacint Cabau and Noah Grañó.

Illustrators: Conspiracy Studio
Retouching: Reto.cat

Six characters, each of a tip of Spain, are going to live together in a flat. Soon they will realize that what at first looks like a ruinous house is the perfect floor, as it is right on top of a Media Markt. The campaign features the daily life of these 6 characters, with the house and the Media Markt below as main scenarios.

MASTER OFERTINYA from Jazz Cabau on Vimeo.

MASTER BOLSO from Jazz Cabau on Vimeo.

MASTER MURO from Jazz Cabau on Vimeo.




Action EL JUEVES magazine
Copywriting: Dani Balbás.
3D and retouching: Emilio Fos.

CONSTRUMAT from Jazz Cabau on Vimeo.

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