Illustrators: Conspiracy Studio
Retouching: Reto.cat

Six characters, each of a tip of Spain, are going to live together in a flat. Soon they will realize that what at first looks like a ruinous house is the perfect floor, as it is right on top of a Media Markt. The campaign features the daily life of these 6 characters, with the house and the Media Markt below as main scenarios.




Action EL JUEVES magazine

Copywriting: Dani Balbás.
3D and retouching: Emilio Fos.

CONSTRUMAT from Jazz Cabau on Vimeo.

Copywriting: Dani Balbás.
Photography: Pere Ferrer.
Retouching: Reto.cat

Copywriting: Dani Balbás.
Retouching by Reto.cat

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