The DNV Story from John Christian Ferner Apalnes on Vimeo.

Client : DNV - Det Norske Veritas
Under an extremely tight deadline, I had to create an informative storyline and animation based on the history of 'DNV', One of Norway's biggest companies.

The film was used ahead of a grand round-table meeting in
Copenhagen, where sustainability and the future were key ingredients.

During a short and intensive work period, I produced the designs, animation and music.
Hope it tells the story effectively

I also designed the poster for event


Styleframes /

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After Capitalism from John Christian Ferner Apalnes on Vimeo.

Project / Contest organized by The Guardian and Central St. Martins, about the potential beyond capitalism.
The Guardian invited some of the most prominent thinkers to elucidate their ideas over the question "what lies beyond capitalism?",
ours were narrated by thinker & writer Rebecca Walker
Collab with Jo Baaklini.

Source link /

Roles /
3D - Interior, set design, props, lighting,
coloration, composoting, animation and
the bank-"beast"-man.
(Made in 3 weeks)

Associative spaces from John Christian Ferner Apalnes on Vimeo.

Project looking into the uncanny values of aesthetics, linked to memories / "phantom" memories of space, associative thinking and experience.

All dioramas, props, film and sound / John Christian

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A film where all the visual components have their own sound / voice / personality.
Hybrid between 3d, drawing and rotoscoping.
I also did the music for it.

Experiment: Analog Oscilloscope sound Visualizer project / Noise Yoga from John Christian Ferner Apalnes on Vimeo.

With the help of an oscilloscope and an old monitor we made a sound-responsive visualisation, where the oscilloscope-sound waves generate the visuals projected on our faces. There was no post-production involved, except alligning the footage side by side.

In this project I collaborated with Stian Korntved //

MOTH AND RUST [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] - SILIAN RAIL from John Christian Ferner Apalnes on Vimeo.

Music video for the song "Moth and rust" by Silian Rail from their album Parhelion (Subsuburban / Parks and records)

Short introduction /
A solitary chap looses his only friend to a villainous hariy kidnapper. The only thing the solitary man can do is to seek revenge and hunt down the bad-minded creature.

Technique /
Hand-drawn illustration,live puppetpin stop-frame animation and photographs merged and made alive through after effects.

A making of will follow shortly

Credits /

Director /
John Christian F. Apalnes

Illustration /
John Christian F. Apalnes

Animation /
John Christian F. Apalnes

Compositing / After effects /
John Christian F. Apalnes

Thank you for watching

Breaking Up With Reality from John Christian Ferner Apalnes on Vimeo.

A workshop set by the French/Amercian film-maker Michel Auder (michelauder.com/). The whole workshop consisted of making a video response to the theme "Breakup".

I focused on a more conceptual "break-up" rather than a closure between two people. Considering Michel Auder's turbulent background with the art-world , I wanted to do an in-depth interview with him about his views on reality, and even how we tend to break up with it. Based on the interview I created a movie entitled breaking up with reality.

Runtime: 4 min

Direction: John C.
Filming: John C.
Production: John C.
Editing: John C.
Post Production: John C.
Voice-over: Michel Auder
Music: John C.

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