Creative Director and Art Director at Fishy. BA in Social Comunication with concentration in Advertising and Publicity and Postgraduate in Marketing and Advertising.

I started developing sites in 1999. I had the opportunity to work at the W3Tecnologia/Cartello, Pronto!, Pixel8 and Fishy. During this period I had the opportunity to manage the projects of criation and art to Globo TV International, Globo Nordeste, pe360graus, Walmart, Mondelez (Bis, Trident, Club Social), Pitú, Iquine, Vitarella, Claro, Fiat, FedEx, Queiroz Galvão, Diario de Pernambuco, among others.

As a speaker, I had participated in events like the 13º WebDesign Meeting (Promoted by the Webdesign Magazine), iSeminar Adobe Road Show, Digital Day (Promoted by Sistema Correio da Paraíba), IV Advertising Week, among others.

Awards / Achievements

2012 Prêmio Top de Marketing da Associação dos Dirigentes de Vendas e Marketing do Brasil (ADVB-PE)
with “stratégias digitais da Arena de Pernambuco” // My work: creative director, art director

2012 Peixe Grande - Winner - Originality (Júri Técnico)
with “Fishy's Website” // My work: concept, creative director, art director, illustration

2010 Colunistas Award (Silver)
with “Neurônios Sociais” Viral Ad Campaign for Kraft Foods // My work: designer web

2010 Pernambuco de Propaganda Award (Bronze)
with Flash Mob Microsite for Kraft Foods/Club Social // My Work: designer web

2009 Designcharts.com (#1)
with Bali Surf Shop Site // My Work: concept, creative and art director

2009 Site of the day Design Licks
with Bali Surf Shop Site // My Work: concept, creative and art director

2009 Peixe Grande Award (Finals)
with “Monstros da Propaganda” advergame using augmented reality // My Work: concept, creative and art director

2008 Colunistas Award (Silver)
Mídia Digital - Produtos e Serviços Públicos // My Work: flash

2008 Neurônio Award (#1)
with Father’s Day Banner for Plaza Shooping // My Work: creative director, flash, concept

2008 Neurônio Award (#2)
with “Caju e Castanha” Banner for Recife City Hall // My Work: creative director, flash

2008 Neurônio Award (#3)
with ”Qual é a sua mania” Banner for Pitú (Brazilian rum) // My Work: creative and art director, flash

2006 Criativos 360 Award
with “Fios” banner for CELPE // My Work: flash

2005 iBest (Top 10)
for Caravela Digital Site // My Work: design


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