The following VR experiences by Supermassive Games released in Early 2018.
I've been working on the UX, the Frontend and the in game UI.

• The Inpatient

• Bravo team

Here you can see an example of the Frontend Game-flow:
I created the UX for a MOBA game still in early stage called RPG Hero.

I've done a moodboard of what it's currently in the market and extract the UX and UI insight.
Then I've created an UX proposal, studied Personas and their user stories, created viral loops, a Game-flow, Wireframes and an example of what the style should look like.
Below you can see some extracts:

At Supermassive, I've Designed and worked the frontend and the UI of the Until Dawn's sequel, Rush of Blood, an adrenaline VR horror roller coaster game.

Tumble VR is an exciting puzzle game by Supermassive Games. I designed and created the Frontend and UI style.

The following video shows some of the UI details.

Danger Goat is a funny game for Google Daydream made by NDreams. I was responsible of the Frontend and the UI in order to match the cartoon style.

While I was at Frontier Development I've been working on the design and the animation for the cockpit UI.
Here is some examples of it:

Zoo Tycoon for XBOX ONE. a videogame where you have to manage your own Zoo.
I’ve been working on all Graphic User Interface of the game.

With Preloaded and R/GA I had the amazing opportunity to work for Mc Donald's Europe and reinvent the Happy Studio App.

Happy Studio features a series of developmental games and activities that help kids develop a wide range of skills while they experiment and solve challenges. For launch, the platform features three epistemic games: challenging the child to think like an Inventor, an Artist and a Musician.

In Be an Inventor, kids can improve their logic and problem-solving skills. They can develop their creativity in Be an Artist and in Be a Musician, kids are physically challenged to learn different sounds and rhythms.
To keep the platform fresh and exciting, it’ll be updated every 4 to 6 weeks with children’s favourite characters from TV, film and games.

Happy Studio is available on iOS, Android and web. It first launches in Europe on October 30th, with the UK release in December and further roll-out to 42 countries in Europe by January 2016.

you can play the web version here:

• Acquasnap 2.0

I had the honor to give the Art direction to this great project with Preloaded for Amplify: Acquasnap 2.0. Become an underwater photographer and improve your cognition with several games to improve your memory and your reactions.
This is one of many wellbeing games done by Preloaded to improve the health and safety.

Check this out the trailer of the game:

• Rugged Rovers

With Preloaded we create Rugged Rovers for the Science Museum.
the aim of the game is to design and test your own space rover in an unknown alien terrain.
It helps kids and adult of all ages to increase their skill of problem solving and creativity while playing and have fun.

Serious Play 2015 - Gold Award (Museums & Visitor Centers)
16 minutes Average session length
300,000+ Rovers drawn per month

Click here to see the Engineer your future trailer by Sicence Museum

• Coaster Crazy

Coaster Crazy is a funny project with Frontier Dev.
I’ve created the Game User Interface in game.

• Beamly Games

For Beamly I create some games and apps to increase the visibility of the product.

The Voted-list for Eurovision, called Eurovote.
with this app you can vote your 10 best singers.

Goal: During Eurovision this app reach 45% of total traffic of Beamly website.

Celebrity Collectible Card is a game who gives you the enjoy to collect celebrities and swap the double with your followers.

The Poll Creator improve the idea of Polls: you can create your own poll and reach your followers.
the idea is to give to the users the chance to be active on the Beamly platform.

Celebrity Memory: Simple but addictive game.

• Pringles app on Facebook

Light app your home! a Facebook App for Christmas. You can create your own Christmas card with Google map and decorate your own home.
Client: Procter and Gamble – Pringles

Goal: The average time of played the app was 15 mins.

• Lego Heroica

With Digital Outlook team we created this videogame for Lego client.
Play the game here!

• Last Bullet

Last bullet is a classic target shooting game. This is my first attempt of flash videogame back in 2009.
Goal: It reaches 100.000 views in the first 2 weeks and 3 millions views after 4 months!
Play now!

Several works I did in the past using 3D Studio max + Vray

I did several banners Rich Media for Doctor Who using flashtalking. Click below to see each banner:
Asylum of the Daleks, Dinosaurs on a spaceship, A town called Mercy, The angels takes Manhattan, Cubed

This Rich Media banner was commissioned for feedMy Funny with Doubleclick. Click this link to see the banner in action!

I did this campaign for TGB media. in this project we create a Landing Page, an interactive peel overlay page for Metro and Gumtree and I did some MPU banners too.
check on this link for the MPU banners.

This responsive website was commissioned by Beko for Marciega. a big creative company based in London. As you can see the website was studied to be mobile-friendly.