affixed bouclé

This project explores the dispersion of media through a woven fabric that works structurally and as transportation for data. The data transported is then shown as a projection on the same fabric it’s moving through. This creates an immersive media experience that transcends the screen of a tablet. The building is made of three layers. The first is a frame that acts as the bones of the building. The second element is the initial layer of fabric that is translucent. This layer is reinforced by thickened fibers that follow the lines of stress in the material. This third, thickened element acts as the cable that the data travels through. In this way it acts structurally and functionally.
To circulate the building one follows the contours of the form. The circulation occurs on the interior of the form, and also through the negative spaces between the modules of the form. The translucent skin allows for a layering to occur when the building is occupied. The media projected emits from the form to add dimension to the spaces, and fill the building with moving light. In the time of wireless media, this building creates a necessity to its form. It grounds all of the data into chords, and suggests that it is data that cannot be traveling through the air, but instead needs a physical space.