Shared Landscapes
installation piece in san francisco, ca
using black cardboard, string, tree stakes
purchased by bennington college

Shared Landscape #1: from Tank Hill / towards Downtown

Shared Landscape #2: from Glen Park Canyon / towards Excelsior and Bayview

Shared Landscape #3: from Corona Heights / towards Noe Valley

For this piece, I created large signs, using sentences I had written, out of black cardboard and fishing line that I hoped spoke to a nostalgic or longing part of the human heart. I placed them against popular vistas in San Francisco that I knew people would travel to. By placing them in these popular, well known places, I hoped not only that many would see them, but also that it would provoke people to think. I called them Shared Landscapes because all these places are public and I hoped my signs would become part of that shared public experience. The signs stayed up for about three weeks before we began to have heavy rain and I removed them; I wanted to preserve the letters as this is a project I’d like to repeat in different locations.

In the end I was still able to incorporate photography in the documentation of the piece. To view the entire piece effectively required you to stand from a specific vantage point, so that the sky became the background. Using the camera I was able to find this point and frame it. This was an unexpected part of the installation that I enjoyed: that the words needed the landscape to even exist at all.