Ziiim - Livro Infantil
Ziiim – Children’s Book
I have illustrated a children's book called Ziiim written by Joao Wady Cury and published by publishing house Leya.

This book was nominated for Premio Jabuti (Jabuti Award) – Illustration for Children's Literature or Young Adult Literature. Premio Jabuti is a well-known literary award in Brazil. It was created in 1958.

Author and illustrator: Joao Wady Cury and Ilka F. Mourao
Publishing House: Leya • http://www.leya.com.br/ • 40 pages, hardcover
You can find it in the following bookstores: Livraria Cultura // Livraria da Vila // FNAC // Livraria da Folha // Saraiva // Livraria da Travessa

"A talented duo takes young readers for a gentle stroll along the dimension of things and shows everyone how we are a grain of sand on a very large space." ••• By newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo

"The book refers to a set of questions and answers to show children that their place is part of the same universe of planets and galaxies. The book tells this in a simple and clear way. The book Illustrations were made especially for publication. Each drawing is rich in details and complements the narrative page by page". ••• Magazine Veja

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Writer: João Wady Cury
Illustrator: Ilka F. Mourão