ʘ 2008-2011 Madrid, Turkey, Germany, Italy, France, USA

✎ Rodrigo García
(Collaborators: Jaime Fernández, Oscar Abril, Armor Gutierrez, Santiago Cortés, Emilie Garnier. Tutor: Ignacio Borrego)

☆ ArtScist International Competition. Hulda Festival. First Price
GAU:DI 2009/2010 Competition. Winner
Veteco/Asefave Price. 3ºAward
Archiprix International Competition. Participant Favorite
XI Spanish Biennal of Architecture. IV Muestra of graduation projects. Accesit

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☂ ETSAM, UPM, GAU:DI, Cité de l'architecture & du patrimoine, Institut français d'architecture, HULDA festival, CEPT, LAMINEX

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☄ ZIPIZIP is a patent pending system (P200901789) to make high-rise buildings deployable. It is based on a transportable “scissors” structure that, when open, is supplemented by different elements to make it livable. The advantages of this construction is the speed with which it can be assembled and dismantled, so you can use the same building for different contexts. It is perfect for use during major events such as the Expo or the Olympics because it enables an increase in the density of a city or the temporary colonization of new land. It also enables the rent or exchange of infrastructures, mobilizing the actual static real estate market. ZIPIZIP is the result of research on deployable structures, and how they can be distributed not only horizontally but also vertically. After working with prototypes, the ZIPIZIP system has been applied to a real context: a building with offices, facilities and housing for a construction company that is drilling tunnels for the high-speed train in Spain. The building can be moved forward at the same time as the construction. The result is a tower consisting of 734 aluminum bars and 1167 junctions. There are only 6 different types of junctions and bars so it is easy to industrialize the product. The whole structure can be transported by a single truck and the total weight of the building is 147,325 kg. When erected it becomes an eleven-storey tower with a surface area of 210 m² per floor. When folded up, it is a package of only 5.46 x 8.12 x 4.82 m. This means a reduction of 78% in surface area and 97% in volume.