ʘ 2012 Umeå, Sweden

James Dyson Award. National Finalist

✎ Rodrigo García

Bildmuseet, El Pais, Elle, Ventana en Blanco, Hechoendesign, Edgargonzalez

☄ Toothmate is a new concept of toothbrush. Doesn't requires water, toothpaste or the use of the hands to brush. With these features combined with his small size allow to clean the teeth in any circumstance and performing simultaneously any other task. Toothmate is composed of a silicon body which is adapted to the denture and travels over it vibrating. The mechanism of vibration is activated by saliva. On the silicon body is adapted a removable sheet with filaments that contain a capsules. The capsules dissolved release a liquid that contains cleaning agents. This fluid can be swallowed, leaving in your mouth a fresh feeling without using water or rinsing.

The concept of the toothmate is inspired in the way some animals establish symbiotic relationships with other species to clean their teeth. How, for example, the small bird called Egyptian Plover who gets food from the teeth of the crocodile. Or the shrimps or pilot fish who clean the teeth of the sharks or other larger fish so both species benefit from this relationship. Another clear reference related with the way of using the toothmate and their size are the Swedish "snus", a kind of dipping tabacco to use everywhere that avoid the smoke of the cigarette.

The Product development follows two lines of research. On one hand the size reduction of vibration mechanism which allows toothmate moves inside the mouth. Furthermore, the research to find a minimum batteries made ​​of carbon and magnesium which would we load through saliva and that don't contain mercury or other noxious materials of the conventional batteries.