Calipo House

ʘ 2004 Madrid

☆ GAU:DI 2006/2008 European Competition on Sustainable Architecture. Winner.
Contest Arquia/Becas09 : “El cuarto para guardar la escoba de la bruja”. Winner.

☂ Cité de l'architecture & du patrimoine, ETSAM

✎ Rodrigo García


Financial Times, GAUDI, reset

The calipo house is a basic shelter for one person. The heart of the house is a platform (3x3x5,2 m) that takes its function depending on witch level it is at, and a wall that offers the functions. The program is organized vertically, depending on the level of light and privacy required.

A hydraulic system moves the concrete platform in the same way as a elevator. It functions with a remote control that enable liberty of moving between the different levels. The roof has it’s last layer in the same nature of the site, so when the house is unused is hidden in the wilderness.