No se traga

ʘ 2011 Madrid

✎ Rodrigo García

@ No se traga web

Nosetraga serie is a furniture serie that try to clonate furnitire with homemade process using food garbage! Bon apetit!

Charwing Gum

And you? Where do you stick your gum after chewing it?
In my country most of the chairs have gums under it. Use this uncivilised act to create a new chair, that is the main idea. To make it possible first, apply a release agent to the back of the chair. Second when you have chewing gums under it use the fixer to harden them. And then you can take away the original chair and use your duplicate gum chair. You can repeat this process all the times that you want, and also adding more gums you make the “chairwing gum” grow and grow.


The idea of LamPipas is to make a lamp to place in the living room and make it grow by adding the shells of the seeds that Spanish people are addicted to.


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