A Consumerist Quest in the Globalized Marketplace

Container City Scenario is an investigation of consumer desire, conspicuous need, and the implications of market forces across vast expanses of time and geography. The standardization of containerized movement of product, and digitalization of capital flow, has effectively collapsed distance and flattened temporality as it pertains to how consumers experience, relate to, and construct meaning around the way people form identity through objects made, wanted, bought, and disposed. Containerization allows market forces, rather than physical characteristics of things and land masses, to dictate where products will be manufactured and where they will be consumed.

Research on examples of radical customization; preparation for the field visit to Las Vegas.

This future compels us — as object makers, media observers, and product consumers — to completely reform our attachments to price, value, scarcity, supply, surplus, source, distance, desire, demand, need, and meaning. Container City Scenario speculates about the story that one consumer might choose to tell himself concerning the uniqueness of his individual needs and tastes when all objects are standardized and all styles ubiquitous in this not–too–distant future.

Las Vegas research inquiries in collaboration with Divya Gaitonde.

This project examines the quest or the journey myth as a tool that society uses to make sense of complex relationships and events that are beyond the control of any single individual. Container City Scenario posits a tool to grant any consumer a sense of understanding and agency around the tectonic shifts in global trade and consumer culture that are still emerging and will continue to play–out indefinitely as we adjust to digital connection and the collapse of our perception of time and space that it evokes.

Hyperbolic interactions; experiments in spacial inversion of common consumer touch points.

Manipulating speed to collapse visual space (unaltered video stills). Chris Woebken workshop.

Consumer quest timeline: from conspicuous desire to desultory despair.

Flâneur in Container City. Container City Street Furniture.

Container City Extrusions; branded, customized shipping containers.

Process sketches for final video composition of Container City Scenario.

Brief: Metropolis of Me
Class: MDP–531 Lab Projects 2
Instruction: Prof. Tim Durfee, Prof. Ben Hooker
Term: Spring, 2013

Media Design Practices | Lab 2014
Art Center College of Design | Pasadena, CA