Random Shenanigans
Push Here To Escape
I made these stickers so people could escape. I hope they work.
(the stickers also made it into some street art by Charlie Green)
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Eyes of Glory
I put these stickers in bathrooms across NYC to freak people out.
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Sleepy Hollow Sidewalk
I put this stencil up around Halloween, converting the "Hollow Sidewalk" into something more spooky. Unfortunately, the NYPD didn't find it funny and sprayed over the joke. (note: it was done it chalk)
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Coachella Toilet Design
As part of a collaboration at 86 The Onions, we were tasked with designing a porta-pottie
for the Coachella music festival in 2006. We decided to make it Solid Gold, in honor of
the Californian Gold Rush and Solid Gold music hits.

Urban Garden Grenade
Do Bottle was part of the book "101 things to do" and the idea we had was an Urban Garden Grenade.
You find a lot, bomb it with seed filled recyclable bottles, and a garden grows. Take that, undeveloped landscape peoples.
Made in collaboration with 86 the Onions.