Radio Local

We are launching RADIO Local, a new radio show for locals, not by locals that is so local you have to be local to us to hear it! Hunt & Darton are deconstructing the ‘radio show’ in our new live interactive performance.

We will be asking audiences to build a radio show with us from creating jingles, phone-ins, features and taking on the responsibility of what discs should be spun. This show celebrates everything local; We love the local chippy that asks how your week’s been, pubs and cafes providing surrogate families and extensions of the home, people taking pride in where they live, doing things for the community and when it’s noticed that someone is ill.
Come and be local with us!

Here is a review of the work in progress sharing at Watch Out Festival, Cambridge Junction. We have also visited Norwich Art Centre and Colchester Arts Centre so far...

Look out for 2017 tour dates!

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