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Shitlist, a Rock 'n' roll calendar

When i get mad and i get pissed, i grab my pen and y write down a list |
L7 – Shitlist – Bricks Are Heavy, 1992

"Most saints and holy people have specially designated feast days. On those days we remember these holy men and women in a special way. "

Shitlist is a graphic & musical project curated by happiness Records.
Because music is what we love the most, we propose you everyday a saint of rock music.

Groupies, roadies, rock 'n' roll star, mythical spots, guitars or rock critics…
With each saint, we propose you to discover a very cool content : concert, hidden story, lost songs…

We send love love every day for one year.


Shitlist Anthem - A rock'n'roll Calendar - from Happiness is a Beginning on Vimeo.