Friday 11/2
6:00 I'D M Theftable
6:20 White Pages
6:40 The Monsieurs
7:00 Roomrunner
7:20 HOAX
7:40 Blue Sausage Infant
8:00 Bang! Bros
8:20 Comb Man
8:40 PC Worship
9:00 Sediment Club
9:20 The Dreebs
9:40 Bugs and Rats
10:00 Fat History Month
10:20 Creaturos
10:40 Dan Melchior
11:00 Container
11:20 Purling Hiss

Saturday 11/3
5:00 Ben Hersey
5:20 Funeral Cone
5:40 Double Awake
6:00 Eric Copeland (of Black Dice)
6:40 Far-out Fangtooth
7:00 Reports
7:20 Sore Eros
7:40 CUFFS
8:00 Zebu!
8:20 Arvid Noe
8:40 Major Stars
9:00 Happy Jawbone
9:20 Guerilla Toss
9:40 Burning Star Core
10:00 Exusamwa
10:20 Fat Worm Of Error
10:40 Driphouse
11:00 Greg Kelley/Bill Nace Duo
11:20 Sightings
12:00 Gary Wilson

HOMEGROWN IV: BOSTON HASSLE FEST performer descriptions/links
(as of 10/19)

Gary Wilson (CA/NY)
California by way of NYC maestro of left field funk pop. The mysterious, and reclusive Mr. Wilson will be flying into Boston for this one off.

Pissed Jeans (PA)
Allentown sludge punk heros, picking up where Black Flag left off on Damaged and taking it up a notch. Of Sub Pop Records fame.

Arvid Noe (MA)
Indie rock meets noise rock. A three piece yet one of Boston's most explosive bands.

Bang! Bros. (MA)
Maniac drum machine destruction from members of Hunnie Bunnies, Peace, Loving, and the Whitehaus.

Ben Hersey (MA)
A geek who will speak to you and most likely creep deep into your brain.

Blue Sausage Infant (DC)
Longtime wilding out electronic noise instigator from the Mid-Atlantic.

Bugs and Rats (MA)
Bleach-era Nirvana-isms spit out with verve and real deal bile.

Burning Star Core (NY)
Drone meets noise and we are left spellbound by master of out sounds C. Spencer Yeh.

Comb Man (MA)
comb man.

Container (RI)
Providence's underground minimal psychedelic techno head. Records out on Spectrum Spools.

Creaturos (MA)
One of the great psych-pop outfits working the Northeast rock n' roll circuit.

Cuffs (MA)
A gentleman's pop band for the 10s, literate, and hook filled and recalling 50 years of pop music in each song. Records out on Ride The Snake.

Dan Melchior (NC)
One of the most prolific and wonderful pop songwriters of our time. Generally working out of a garage format, but can go anywhere. Records on In The Red, Northern Spy, Siltbreeze, SS Records and more)

Double Awake (MA)
Drones and noise never with the beat too far away.

The Dreebs (NY) I
ncredible creeping and droning guitar/violin/drums experimental noise composers.

Driphouse (NY)
Modular-esque synth compositions exploring deeply the direction of electronic music to come. Records out on Spectrum Spools.

Exusamwa (MA)
Spazz punks and experimental rockers supreme. Led by Angela who runs Boston's coolest record store Weirdo Records, and Doug of the legendary Fat Day.

Eric Copeland (of Black Dice, NY)
One third of the legendary Black Dice weirding out on his own via twisted pop gems.

Far Out Fangtooth (PA)
Full on death rock psychedelia from that Steel City of Pittsburgh. Records out on Siltbreeze.

Fat History Month (MA)
Indie rock boiled down to its key ingredients and set afire, a guitar and drums duo like you haven't heard.
Fat Worm of Error(MA) One of the best bands on the planet, Beefheart meets minimalism and back again. Records out on Load Records.

Funeral Cone (MA)
Oddball punk rock with a Worcester heart and Boston sneer.

Greg Kelley/Bill Nace (MA)
On the edge improv from two masters, Greg Kelly on trumpet and (regular Thurston Moore collaborator) Bill Nace on guitar.

Guerilla Toss (MA)
Ferocious experimental rock meets post-punk from Boston. Working on a record for John Zorn's Tzadik label. Records out on Feeding Tube Records.

Happy Jawbone Family Band (VT)
Brattleboro's great off pop band. Melodies for getting stuck in your head for weeks. Records out on Night People.

Hoax (MA)
The most ferocious proto-metal steeped hardcore in the USA right now.

>IDM Theftable (ME)
Sounds, sounds and more stops along the music concrete highway down from Portland, ME.

Major Stars
(MA) An insane overdose of psychedelic rock from the legendary former operators of the Twisted Village Record Shop. Records out on Drag City.

PC Worship (NY)
Dark, droning, experimental "rock" from dudes .

Purling Hiss (PA)
Psychedelic rock with a bent for long solos and endless fuck yeahs. Records out on Mexican Summer and Woodsist.

Reports (MA)
Garage rock with motorik tendencies and an indie rock past. Some of the people who run one of Boston's best labels, Ride The Snake Records.

Roomrunner (MD)
New fangled rock music for the 10s from Baltimore. Records out on Fan Death Records.

Sediment Club (NY)
Post-punk just how they used to make it from the spawn of a Bush Tetra and a Voidoid (really)!

Sightings (NY)
One of the more harrowing bands of our time, where noise rock meets avant creep. Records out on Load Records.

Sore Eros(MA)
Psychedelic pop of the highest order from a cradle of such, Western, Massachusetts.

Zebu (MA)
Experimental outbursts from some who run Feeding Tube Records in Northampton.

White Pages (MA)
The best punk band in Boston, channeling all that is good in the raw 77' style.