© Claire Holyoake, 2013
416 singular hairs from 416 different people. Friends family and complete strangers.

© Claire Holyoake, 2011
Transition between sleep and awake.

Seven Drawings on gold foil engraving board, using unstaged/documentary photography of subjects the very second they wake from sleep.

My attempt was to capture that very moment of confusion when you are not asleep but not fully awake.

I also made a short video which you can seen via the link above.

© Claire Holyoake, 2012

Transition between sleep and awake

© Claire Holyoake, 2012
Hypnapompia Video

Using myself as subject, recording the moment of waking each day, trying to capture the hypnapompic state of in between sleep and awake.

© Claire Holyoake, 2012
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