Google Design Exercise
Job Applicant Tracking System

• Design Exercise: design flow/screens for JATS, which must be able to:

o For the user persona of Recruiter/Manager:

• Task 1: Search/Browse for an applicant, so you can view/edit a page with their resume, notes, history, state in recruitment process (resume submitted, ok to phone screen, approved for in-person, approved/rejected for hire, accepted/declined), interview score.

• Task 2: From a list view of applicants, move applicants from one state in the recruitment process to the next.

o For the user persona of Employee:

• Task: View list of applicants to be interviewed, be able to navigate from that page to an applicant details page with resume/portfolio, schedule on day of interview, and a way to enter feedback once the interview is complete, with notifications if the feedback is not submitted within 24 hours.

Here are my exercise requirements:

Design Process Timeline

Low Fidelity Overview of the Product

High Fidelity Interaction