Mano a Mano in El Bano

The Brief

Come up with a way for new a spokesman to sell Old Spice in a world where Old Spice fans only want Isaiah Mustafa.

What we did

Play into Old Spice fans' timely hatred of any spokesman who is not Isaiah by having famous beautyman Fabio usurp the Old Spice throne, and then have a massive Internet showdown with Isaiah when he returns for his people.

Plot synopsis

Fabio tries to take over as the Old Spice Guy, and challenges him to duel for the hearts of the world. People get mad, call for return of Old Spice Guy. Old Spice Guy accepts challenge. They battle online in the greatest Internet battle of our age. There are a ton of these videos, here's some good ones I worked on. You can watch more on the official Old Spice YouTube channel.


Fabio throws down the challenge gauntlets.

Before you get too far into this...spoiler...Isaiah wins. Watch the end.

Okay pretend you didn't just see the ending. Fabio tries to get Isaiah's attention.

Isaiah accepts the challenge.

Fabio is excited.

The battle is on.

Fabio did this.

Things got pretty weird.

Fabio attempts to capture Isaiah!

Fabio hopes no one will notice he switched enemies.

You're STILL looking at this.

Isaiah is back!

Multipart awesomes, watch the annotated continuation.