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I work at midnight like Cinderella’s mice, almost always, when everyone is sleeping and something pops up in my mind.
I suppose that a child’s masterpiece is his bedroom, everything displayed in a certain way, every thing is connected to the other, a perfect installation, I like the idea of that room, but I am married now, I have to share that room with someone very different from me, and who expects me to grow and become an adult.
I'm the queen of bad days, but some days I have nice days, "nobody loves me" I think all the time, and this phrase sounds in my head with the soundtrack of Cinderella when her stepsisters destroy her dress.
Maybe it's something maybe is nothing. I think that accidentally I recorded an UFO or maybe is just the reflection of my loneliness In the sky.
If you want to contact me for work or something cool ... just do it!
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About me & contact