Nu Servewares
A set of CNC cut and hand finished bamboo serve wares

Experience vision
A serve ware is your life style.
Simply spending an evening together bring people closer.
Sharing our small moments bring us so much closer.

The way we live has changed. We communicate with cell phones, emails, and other smart devices. Yet, we share daily lives and big happenings around food the same way that people did a long time ago. Chatting around food has been an important part of human history. No matter how much the world becomes more influenced by technology, our pleasure from chatting around food won’t go away.
Good food, nice people, and shared stories. How you snack and chat is a part of your life style.
A serve ware is your life style.

• Concept development
• Design Research : Persona, User testing, Market research, Material
• Design : Hand sketching, Prototypes, CAD in Rhino
• Manufacture : CNC cut, hand finish
• Branding
• Photo shoot
• Video recording & Editing

Featured in SF design week 2013
Featured in CA Home& Decor magazine
SF Local Design Market on Thursday, June 13th from 6 pm - 8 pm at Zinc Details.

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