Our founding partners, Hugh Baillie, Dave Dye and Rachel Hatton have come together to help clients through the confusing maze that is today’s communications world.
Why do they think they can help? Because they’ve studied how people relate to brands and communications at the best academies in the country – BBH, AMV, BMP/DDB and Ogilvy.
They’ve helped develop fast ideas for brands like Volkswagen, Google, Lynx, Apple, The Economist, Johnnie Walker, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and Robinson’s to name but a few.
They understand that while the tools we have at our disposal have changed massively, the fundamentals of great marketing have not.
People are the heart of effective marketing. That doesn’t just mean understanding a brand’s buyers and users. It also means understanding the needs of front line staff, innovation and operations teams, customers, suppliers and shareholders, among others.

The thing I enjoy most is helping clients realise their biggest ambitions for their brands. Over the 20 years I’ve been working in advertising, I’ve helped Lynx deodorant launch a record that beat Westlife and Madonna to the top of the charts (which helped launch its most successful ever fragrance). I’ve helped to make milk a cool drink for kids. I’ve helped the BBC connect better with young audiences. I’ve helped Flora go on a mission to make the world’s hearts healthier. I’ve helped Audi become the UK’s most desirable prestige car. I’ve helped to bring Tango back from the edge of oblivion.
I am a strategist that believes there is no such thing as one right answer. The right strategy is the one that energises and excites the people that need to deliver it. It’s the one that’s ambitious enough to surprise people about what they’re capable of.

I was Creative Director on over 200 Economist posters and print ads.
They won every award our industry has.
I helped put Mercedes Benz back onto their pedestal.
When I first started working with them they had a line ‘Now there’s a Mercedes for everyone.’
It made sense from an ever expanding product range, but not from a brand perspective; people don’t want what everyone else has, they want Mercedes to be special, exclusive, it lead to 5 years continual growth.
I think advertising is gambling, so the more consistent you are as a creative the less of a gamble it is for a client.
I’ve a 19 year unbroken run in our industry’s Oscars - D&AD.
(I’m also the only creative ever to design two D&AD annuals.)
I helped The Macallan to stop thinking like a premium spirit and start thinking like a luxury item, to behave more like Gucci than Glenfiddich.
They’ve grown every year since.

I love working with ideas & with people. At their best they combine to literally change the world for the better. Working with both makes the day incredibly stimulating, fun and at their best achieve unreasonable ambitions..
I have been fortunate enough to spend twenty years so far developing and executing big ideas for brands large and small.
By way of example, I led the team that came up with the Keep Walking idea for Johnnie Walker. Econometric modelling reported that the idea generated $1bn incremental sales in the first six years of its life. (We also saw our flag on the North Pole.) I joined with Rachel in helping Save Tango (Thank you to The Sun and the Great British Public for that one.) I helped create a revolution in Romanian advertising with the development of mould-breaking work for Dero. In doing so, we restored Dero to national leadership. I also have been associated with some of the most famous advertising in Italy with Vigorsol.
Another thing I like in life is simplicity. So, I’ll add no more to the above except to say that there are still some big ideas out there and I intend to continue enjoying developing more of them, alongside some great people of course.