About Helen Omand
Helen is a filmmaker and artist based in London and is qualified as an art psychotherapist with an MA from Goldsmiths. She currently works as an art therapist in an open studio for adults with mental health difficulties, and as an artist practitioner in arts in health and community arts.

Helen’s background is in art and psychology. Her artwork uses ceramics, drawing and video and
recent work is an intuitive response to a growing awareness of unconscious processes within the individual and society. This year Helen worked with a collective of artists to produce an exhibition Art
and Art Psychotherapy, at NoFormat gallery to explore the relationship between training to be art psychotherapists and their work as artists.

Helen's recent projects include co-creating a short film for the Science Museum with other artists and a participatory group of adults with chronic pain conditions. The process involved co-facilitating workshops using drawing and video, and the final film forms part of the museum's exhibition Pain-Less, showing until late 2013. Helen's previous work includes facilitating workshops for young people, including projects for Creative Partnerships, Headliners, Art4Space and Studio3 Arts and Vital Regeneration.

Helen regularly works with the Light Surgeons, for example editing short films for a touring exhibition by the Crafts Council; videos for the National Maritime Museum; and Super Everything, an audiovisual live cinema piece for the British Council in Malaysia. For more information see http://www.lightsurgeons.com/tag/helen-omand/

Contact helenomand@mac.com