Animal Acts
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Installation of 144 Paintings for The Things We Do
Helen Eady, Marcia Pitch, Elizabeth Zvonar, Cindy Loehr and Karen Ostrom.
SFU Gallery, Vancouver, May 15-June 30, 2010

In an age rife with metaphysical confusion The Things We Do is a five-person show that settles most of the major questions that have been plaguing humanity lately. Talking and gesturing hands, erotic arms, mongrel figures and arguing animals are all on view in an effort to guide us through the errors of our collective ways. Learning from limbs and animals is not just an alternative communication reality weaving its way through these works, it’s what it’s all about. In Vancouver’s post-Olympic, triumphal moment, this exhibition is a modest, understated guide to the future evolutionary arc of the species
- Text Bill Jefferies

The Georgia Straight