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Born in China
Bachelor of Computer Science
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunicatons
Beijing, China
Industrial Design Introduction Course
Umea Institute of Design
Umea, Sweden
Creative Developer
Harman International
Shenzhen, China
Master of IxD
Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design
Copenhagen, Denmark
Interactive Portable Speaker

Harman UI Team | Concept, prototype, animation | Dec, 2013

Pulse is a portable bluetooth speaker from JBL, a sub-brand within Harman. Our UI team created interactive light effects reacting to the music, through the 8*8 LED matrix on this speaker. During the process I made many working prototypes on Mac using Processing, so our team could discuss to improve the design. Our work made it faster for software development on the real speaker. The animation shows three effects from our work.

Wireless Sports Headphone with Gesture Control

Harman UI Team | Concept, prototype, video | Sep, 2013

This is my first project we did in Harman UI team, we wanted to design a sports headphone with easy and intuitive control, not to interrupt running. Inspired by runners' actions, we came up with this sports headphone concept. I used arduino, sensors and a existing headphone to build prototypes, through which our team members and other users tested different control gestures. The engineers also help us make a hi-fi prototype for our presentation. Runners could control the playback through waving hands on the side of headphone, and change the volume by holding hands in different angles. Our team also thought about the proper product design as you can see from the cover image, and we also made a demo to show our concept.

Surface Recognition Speaker with Gesture Control

Harman UI Team | Concept, prototype, video | Oct, 2013

Our original idea was to make a portable speaker with new ways of control. After discussion we decided to make a speaker with only one switch button, while users control it via different gestures. Besides, this speaker could recognize surface underneath and relate it to different playlists. For example, when put on the kitchen table, it would play music corresponding to your cooking activity. I used Arduino, mp3 shield, color sensor and digital compass to build several working prototypes, for idea exploration and final presentation as well. We also made a video to show user scenario, in which an existing product from Harman represents the possible physical form our concept could be.


2012.9-present | Industrial Design Introduction | Umeå Institude of Design | Umeå,Sweden
2007.9-2011.6 | Bachelor's of Computer Science | Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications | Beijing, China

Work experience
2011.9-2012.6 | Interaction Design Internship | Gwdang Internet Company | Beijing, China
2010.9-2010.11 | iPad UI Design Internship | Dongdu Design Agency | Beijing, China

Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign | Flash, After Effects | Arduino, Processing, ActionScript 3, C | HTML, CSS | Rhino, Keyshot