Product Timeline

Initially, the blood type tester will require clinical testing, before it can be included in plaster kits and NHS locations. The second phase of development is to include the tester within the UK driving application, with blood type added to the driving license. The third phase of development applies the mechanism of function to other blood tests. Eventually, it is hoped the technology can be used globally for low cost simple blood testing devices.

Again, the needle device will require validation through clinical trials. The needle is then developed for an appropriate scale of manufacture, and is included on each blood bag. The final phase investigates whether aspects of the needle could be applied outside the sphere of blood donation.

The first phase of development for the trolley is optimising the trolley for batch manufacture and assembly. Initially, ten pop up units of ten trolleys will be created, for donations in very visible locations. The third phase of development sees all mobile units upgraded to the trolley unit. Finally, the trolley donation unit could be sold as a franchise to international blood services, to improve blood safety globally.