Our System

Haemobility re-imagines mobile blood donation and addresses the need for wider participation within our growing and ageing population. Through Haemobility, greater awareness of blood donation, enhanced donor experience and increased safety of Donor Carer tasks are achieved.

A simple and intuitive low-cost testing device, available in first aid kits and sent with official application forms, reveals blood type (1). Haemobility increases the visibility of the blood donation process in daily life with blood stocks shown in visual media (2) and through the dispersal of new hyper-mobile blood donation units (3), each designed to deliver ten donations per day.

The system utilises completely online sign-up (4), while the units allow for donations to take place in diverse locations, while making Donor Carer tasks easier and safer, and enhancing donor experience (5). The new safer needle carrier design is less intimidating and reduces the chance of needlestick injuries for carers (5). Donors are given feedback about their blood destination, validating their donation (6,7).

By delivering an enhanced experience and innovative equipment, Haemobility encourages increased participation within a larger, more diverse pool of lifetime donors.