Needle Device

Needle fear is one of the two main reasons for not donating, while there were 180 needlestick injuries in NHSBT in 2011.

The new needle guard allows the makes the needle look less intimidating to donors, while shielding the needle when not in use. The needleguard is more comfortable on the arm, eliminates rotation of the needle and reduces pain during donation.

The guard has been designed to be used completely one-handed, potentially proposing a new standard in the design of needles. The guard is very tactile and ergonomically fit to the ritual of use. Tactility increases the chance of finding the vein (reducing pain and anxiety for donors); while a cantilever snap lug mechanism ensures only one use, with a safe and secure lock on the needle. The combination of one-handed operation and a locking mechanism reduce the occurrence of needlestick, saving NHSBT costly injury claims.