Blood Type Tester

A simple and intuitive low cost blood type tester, that reveals ABO blood type.

Awareness of the blood service is crucial to encourage new registered donors. A blood type tester accessed in a range of ways empowers users with blood type, and with knowledge of local supply and demand, participation is encouraged.

Current blood type testers do not clearly indicate blood type, while requiring a complex multi-stage ritual of use.

Our blood type tester clearly indicates written ABO blood type, using micro-printed antigens and a single-stage mechanism, making the device much more intuitive for users to use and interpret their results. The tester could be delivered with official document applications (such as the driving license application), serendipitously in plasters and at NHS contact points.

Once the finger is pricked, squeezing the pipette first moistens the antigen reaction side, and then the pressure difference draws blood to the reaction side. Once revealed, all the blood is retained within the device.

The form has been designed to be ergonomic in the hand and sympathetic to the ritual of use.