The Solace of Our Imperfect Lives
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In my attempt to dig deeper and figure out what's working and what's not so far, I took my "Personal Life of an Electronic Object" experimental series and turned it into a book.

The first section is a memoir of my thesis journey so far, written from the idea of seeing myself as an imperfect piece of electronic. It was printed on 12"x9" pulp paper.

The second section is the part that was printed on tabloid extra newsprint. It contains three short stories written about the "Personal Life of an Electronic Object" machines from the perspective of the machines. Each story is accompanied with corresponding photographs illustrating their form and environment.

The last section contains a quote from Kevin Kelly's "7th Kingdom of Life", which is put to tie in the former two chapters.

I've kept any wrinkles and discoloration, both which I am able to call "imperfections" because it for one, lets every book be unique, and two, fits into the theme, "perfectly".

This project gave me a great chance to reflect on my whole term and objectively and subjectively analyze what I've earned from it. This may not have been the most productive exercise that would directly push myself to the next level but it was definitely a nice opportunity to meditate and clean up my thoughts.

Zoomed in View of "Imperfection" Unique to Each Book Due to Brittle Newsprint
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The "Imperfect" Prints that Couldn't be a Part of Any Book
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