Anne Rossner LeseLiege
Observed many times, most people can’t stay in the same reading position very long.
The idea – one surface entirely made of cushions. All cushions can be moved individually 
to create the favoured position: pushed down or pulled out. They provide support for the
different arrangements, making it cuddly and comfortable . The book shelf and lamp follow
the same principle of individual adjustment and flexibility and can be positioned where 
desired. The height of the fully adjustable lamp illuminates asmall green landscape 
for relaxed reading.


Franziska Zeller Rootlight

Rootlight your companion through the dark.
Thick cables are entwinding around your room like real roots. Light will be wherever
you need it. The „roots“ end is flexible which makes it able to loop around a lot
of objects. A dip-switch at the bulb fitting lets you switch on or off the light. Changing
the position of the lamp you modify the atmosphere in your room.


Hannes Trommer Papillon

As if by magic “Papillon” changes from a flat board into a sculptural table lamp.
This is made possible by a cleverly thought-out folding mechanism that gives
the lamp form and stability. The material used is a laminated composite made
of plywood and linen, with integrated LED technology and wiring. The wedge-
shaped recess in the arm allows clamping of the lamp on a tabletop with no
fastening elements whatsoever.
Compared with conventional table lamps “Papillon” features an extremely compact
design for packaging and storage, as well as user-friendly set-up.


Julia Kaupitwa and Carolin Malur Crossing Cultures

The product family Ombasa takes typical african animals and transforms them into
play objects which serve as a playmat and as a seat. This double usage is inspired
by the northern Namibia Owambo tribe, which uses animal furs for seating, resting
and sleeping. The animals — an elephant, a lion, a hippo and a crocodile — are
made from wood and covered with colored felt.


Julia Brümmer Herr Holzinger

combines firewood storage and a rack system. It provides easy access to firewood
and creates space for books and much more. Through different add-ons, such as
hooks, shelves, seating area or a lamp, Herr Holzinger offers various uses.
Herr Holzinger can be built individually or in multiple modules side by side.
Due to the variable stack height of 60 cm or 120 cm, Herr Holzinger can be built
both, as a high room divider or as a lower sideboard.


Matthias Zänsler
Desk Frederick

Frederick is a work table, which deals with the cable problem at the workplace.
It is very simple, still dynamic and the design results purely from the cutting pattern.
The table consists of 6 parts that are machined out of one plate with extremely
low waste. Frederick can be easily fitted together without any tools.


Matthias Zänsler
Couch Flanders

Flanders is a furniture for living rooms or maybe even for the office. A furniture
between chair and sofa, that can be rolled out to a couch area on the floor.
The nearly three-meter long cushioned fabric is wrapped around a wooden body
and then clamped to a tubular steel frame. Inspiration for this furniture was a roll
of carpeted floor in a hardware store.


Matthias Zänsler
Barstool Lipso

Barstool Lipso – the name is given because of the ellipsoidal shape of the seat – is a
plywood furniture, which offers an ellegant solution to store jackets, bags or newspapers
in kitchens, Cafes or Bars.

Collaborative Work: Matthias Baumecker


Maria Boddin Living bowls

The living bowls are contrasting chaos with order and hiding with exposing. They are a
combination of a soft basket that offers plenty of room for all sorts of things that would otherwise
pile up in the room and a coat rack which is just large enough to hang one special piece.
The furniture is designed for everyday living behaviors, that often shift from a organised
position in wardrobes and shelfs to a chaos on the floor of the room.


Judith Jacobi Kreuzband

Kreuzband is a stool using the human locomotor system as a model for its construction.
The human bodie’s bones and tendons are replaced by wood and rope, so this seating
doesn’t need any nails or screws. Due to this design Kreuzband is flexible and can be folded.
This skeletal construction is covered with a leather-surface, allowing to sit comfortable and
relaxed on Kreuzband.


Ulrike Sandner Products that make sense
Sense - with sence - on one hand stands for well thought out products, like an elaborated
design that meets the demands of users in terms of functionality and of the selected material.
Sence - for our sences - stands also for a draft of a multisensual design. Here are products
in the focus which evolve sensual effects on the users. Both of these aspects - with sense but
also for our senses - are part of my general view in designing products.

The spinner’s kit for fine motor skills

Either for pastime or for therapy purposes - out of his multiplicity the spinner’s kit for fine motor
skills holds a vast range of handling opportunities. Not only the spinning, but also to screw the
several rotary handles on the spinning object demands great fine motor skills.

A spinner for storage

The china spinner can be used as a container e.g. for small candy or liquids. Within the scent
spinner while spinning attrition is caused by unglazed china pearls which were filled in together
with dried substances. So fragrances leak out of the spinner.

The sauce mixer

Due to the Borosilicate glass cold or hot sauces can be filled into the mixer. In cause of the
special glass object there is no spoon needed for stirring. Sedimented ingredients – e.g. of
a salad sauce – are easily mixed again by rotating the spinner.

The lemon pestle

The lemon pestle is not only ergonomically shaped – due to its specially shaped handle it
provides a good transmission of power and prevents to slip off while turning. Thereby the lemon
can be pressed out quickly and in an optimal way.


Thomas Beck LB03

light weight construction concept for a dinningtable

what it is: a plug-in system, consisting of 6 parts; 11.4 KG weight, dimensions: (L / W / H cm) 150/84/75

how it works: Load capacity due to bending strength of the leg elements; legs inserted into table top &
secured with a tension cable

what it does: easy to install; contributes at least 80KG, is as flat pack packable; serially by laser or
water jet cutting to produce


Kirstin Overbeck Candy Collection

The tasty and colorful world of sweets and delicious goodies served as inspiration for the Candy
Collection. I wanted to design products that refer to the deep enthusiasm of childhood and the
addiction to the meltingly tender savor of sugar. The result is eyecandy that appeals to the senses.
The Candy Collection consists of six three-legged stools, carpets, coat hooks and a light. The
individual objects relate to pies, candy canes and beads, lollies and other candies. Tasty products
with zero calories guaranteed!


Oliver Reinecke
Gap chair

The gap chair is composed of three components which can be arranged individually by the new
owner in color and material. A plastic part connects the individual parts and creates a joint which
allows the attachment of additives such as a table surface or a reading light. Easy assembly, few
parts and a small packing size underline the customizing concept.


Oliver Reinecke
Hyde table

Hyde is a table which offers special storage. Inside its table top one can find a hidden channel,
providing enough space for things which are needed at a workplace like hard drive, power supply
and other office accessories. Three plates close the storage channel and create a free table surface.


Tom Mudra Shelf23

The Shelf23 is an uncompromising desing of a wooden shelf reduced to its use. The main idea
of S23 is a restrained appearance and a simple construction principle.The focus on a material
efficient production provides an optimized utilization of wood. Two flexible frame sizes can be
combined to build the shelf. One screw is fixing all elements at the joining sections providing a
simple setup and a unique design.


Niels Werner Hersmann Stool Thurn

Inspiration: Ornamentation

Not form follows function but function follows form - The idea: Ornamentation.
Aesthetics and functionality were the aim. Curved and straight elements should blend into
each other and create a closed shape. Loops, that are alternately opened to the bottom and
to the top, establish a unit, which fits into the interior as well as the exterior. Through repetition
those apparently simple forms band together to an eye-catching structure. The material wood
and its nativeness illustrate a strong contrast to the ornamental appearance.


Christine Rackel Big Bond

Its name is BOND. Big BOND.

The lamp curls silently on the ground or builts huge knotted sculptures in the room.
It can crawl across furniture, clasp it and rope down from it.

Big BOND is everywhere.
Big BOND lightens the room.


Bernhard Elsässer The attitude of the definite.

The starting point of the porcelain concept study is the analysis of coincidence in the
work process. The hollow bodies of the series have a sewn as well as flexible initial shape.
They are fixed and generated in porcelain by a casting process. The textile origin is apparent
on the outer shell and intensified by a bisque surface. Various pedestals can be combined
with the base body.