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Brief:The challenge was to create a link between modernity and tradition, resulting in
social interaction.

Concept: Polish embroidery has become an unappreciated skill in the modern world,
when not so long ago most females would be able to do it. This forgotten skill is rare to witness. Industrialisation is another problem, as well as the massive increase in the migration of young people away from their homes. Grandmothers are not able to pass this incredible skill on
to their granddaughters / sons. Nowadays we can communicate through many forms of media
that can help create a link between generations, fighting back against geographical distances
faced by some.

Solution: Mulina is an app about making and loving embroidery. It offers inspiring ideas, tutorials, tips and a pattern making option. The aim is to build awareness and a friendly community around traditional Polish embroidery.

Lee Cooper AW14 Lookbook Autumn Winter 2014 design for Lee Cooper while working at Protein


Redesign concept of prote.in website. Protein is an inspiration platform that keeps you
up-to-date on the latest global trends, behaviours and thinking. Through our daily content feeds, engaging events and innovative apps, they continually track how global culture is shaping and defining how we work, live and think. The aim of the project was to create a clear navigation system and simplify content organisation using modern/flexible UI.

Project while working at prote.in

Protein Forum: The Future of ...

Selective Pressure

Brief: Rebrand for a music company based in Tokyo and London, showcasing some of the most flavorsome House, Disco and Techno music about. The brand needed to be easy to implement through both, print and digital formats.

Concept: The logo attempts to express the diversity and energetic character of Selective Pressure.

Solution: The logo was created from a variety of colours and interlocking shapes that reflect the dynamic character of the brand and it’s international influences.

CSM Fine Art
Poster promoting BA Fine Art exhibition.

Interactive Posters

Brief:The challenge was to revitalise any chosen print format. Communication channels are becoming more reliant on digital platforms, I decided to explore how the traditional poster could engage the public once again.

Concept: When developing the project it occured to me that posters you find in different environments i.e. the tube or street, are all calling out for attention. This led me to use chat up lines to capture someone’s eye, interactive aspects to engage the viewer and most importantly make them laugh!

Solution: The interactive posters use movement, sound and pressure sensors to make content visible, therefore it can not exist without the viewer. The statements were made from hole-punched paper, which I created by covering unneeded holes. The remaining uncovered holes allow light to pass through them to form letters. I worked on the project from concept development through to research and build of posters.

UAL Awarding Body
Promotional poster design.

Wassily Font
This typeface design was inspired by Wassily Kandinsky Composition VIII painting from 1923. He creates complex compositions by using simple forms and shapes.

UAL Awarding Body

Brief: While working at the Design Laboratory we were asked to design an identity system for the UAL Awarding Body that would work with their current identity, but also be unique.

Concept: The concept pinpoints the colon mark in the UAL logo, from which a grid system is formed. The symbol can be easily transformed and adapted in different aspects of the Awarding Body brand. The interlocking ‘puzzle pieces’ reflect the idea that each course is complementary and part of a larger education system.

Solution: The logo with the blown up square located right of the UAL text, retains the same visual balance as the original logo. The symbol is colour coded according to the UAL guidelines. The interlocking pattern is cut out on each page, creating a window that flows through the document. The grid is based on the same dimensions as the symbol, that visually reinforces the link between the UAL and the Awarding Body.

EP album cover design.

Craft Candy
Brief: Create an identity for Craft Candy, a start up that has transformed event listing in a new and exciting way. Craft Candy is passionate about craft, social media and technology. The site makes it easier for you to find a local workshop, club or market in your area.

Concept: The service includes information about popular craft activities that are directly connected to people who love handmade and DIY aspects which connect to the 50’s domestic haven idea. This aesthetic has proven to be popular among the target audience.

Solution: The playful logo is inspired by 50’s American typography, that you can find on old posters or signs that visually connect the brand to the fun and colorful world of hand made.
As well as designing the identity I helped define the user experience for the desktop and
mobile service.

UAL Commonplace
Brief: UAL is one of the most international universities in London. Every year it accommodates people that are not familiar with the city. The 1st year of university can be quite problematic i.e. not knowing where to buy books or to eat cheaply.

Concept: A social platform where all content is provided by students who have been through the same experience.

Solution: Commonplace, a website that has been created for University of the Arts London (UAL), to give new and fellow students friendly, practical advice for their transition into student life. All content is curated by current students who are uploading their testimonials and addressing common issues. The website is attracting a growing number of 2000 unique users per week.

Brixton Book Monger

Brief: Over time, huge changes in the publishing industry have altered how book sales are made. This in turn is putting small bookshops in danger, Brixton Book Monger is one of them. It is time to reinvent the bookshop experience and make it energizing and enjoyable.

Concept:To attract a younger demographic, the brand needed to have a new identity and promotional strategy. Brixton Book Monger need’s o engage with local businesses to create a unique network, providing an exiting new platform for sales.

Solution: The logo was designed around three key concepts: emotive response, network and visual. My research partner and I conducted many workshops to pinpoint emotions and explore the visual style that would make someone feel proud to be a ‘book monger’. When visiting the local area we found that there were other shops who were willing to be involved in the movement, so this created the Brixton triangle. The shape is a core element of the branding, that represents the act of folding the top corner of a page.

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