Jeffrey Gustav Broman was born in August 1986 in Barrington, Illinois. He spent his growing years attending the Cary, Illinois schools. He attended Western Illinois University after high school and received a degree in art. In 2010, he moved to Alton, Illinois. He left us on October 31st, 2012. Somewhere in the middle of all this time, he became a serious musician making thoughtful music for open minds. He took the name Gordin Bones.
In all situations, and by any unusual means necessary, Gordin Bones wanted to please. Conversations of his music always ended with a taste of, "but, is it making other people happy?" Likewise, at a bar, on the streets, or in your living room, he would find a way to make you smile or smirk.
With technical proficiency and thoughtfulness (and that is rare! oh, is it rare!), Gordin Bones produced dozens of songs now presented here in his honor. On the weekend before he left, he told a friend that his songs were his legacy, his only gift to the world, so he made all of his songs available to the public. Enjoy Gordin's work, love life, be happy, be thoughtful, be mindful of everything and everyone around you, say, "thanks," hug your friends, ignore your enemies, have meaningful conversations, and, most of all, love. Love for Gordin Bones.