A safe, gentle, and effective way of hair removal for anyone. Sugaring removes the hair in its natural direction of growth, therefore reducing pain and irritation while exfoliating dead skin cells and diminishing ingrown hairs.

Eyebrows: $20 and up

Lips: $10 and up

Chin: $10 and up

Sideburns: $10 and up

Underarms: $25 and up

Arms: $45 and up

Bikini: $35 and up

Extended Bikini: $45 and up

Brazilian (women only): $75 and up

Brazilian past 6 weeks: $80 and up

Full Legs: $100 and up

½ Leg: $45 and up

Back: $45 and up

Chest: $45 and up

Stomach: $20 and up