Ben Gifford is a design leader who creates meaningful products and experiences worthy of the unique individuals who use them. Let's make something awesome.

I'm currently working with Array Health to make healthcare a more human experience.

user experience

I spent a few years at Classmates.com laying the foundation for and building up the modern Classmates experience—helping create a more compelling, robust experience for their members, and aligning business and user goals.

I oversaw user experience, including design and usability testing. If you want to know more about my role at Classmates, for more thorough examples and details.

Award-winning creative agency Really Smart Advertising approached me to create a new online presence after a 10-year hiatus. It had to be smart. Really smart.

I worked with them to envision their distinctive personality and approach in to a responsive site that showcases what makes them special: their brains and ideas.

I was invited to participate in the 2013 20/20 Awards, an award show revisiting films from 20 years prior, and issuing revised awards. Think of them as the retrospective Oscars.

10 artists were asked to recreate movie posters for top films from 1992 through the lens of modern day design. I selected the film Malcolm X by Spike Lee.

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